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API Samples
Approval tool - Collection viewer
A lightweight interface to allow the people in an editorial meeting to view collections of material on for example their iPad and decide what to use in the next edition.

  • Demonstrates how to update metadata, for example to update a status, change a rating or enter comments.
  • Incorporates dynamic thumbnail rendering.
  • Full-screen preview lightbox that supports swipe gestures on mobile devices.
  • Demonstrates and how to search and display the contents of a collection.
  • Shows how to use a login page for your custom interface.
Web CMS Integration
Insert media into your web cms directly from Elvis. Based on TinyMCE, a WYSIWYG html editor used by most web cms systems. Plugins for Wordpress and Drupal are available ready-to-use.

  • Based on TinyMCE so it is easy to integrate into your web cms.
  • Allows inserting images, videos and text.
  • Shows how to use the selection provided by the HitRenderer.
  • Shows how to use the 'column tree' folder browser to navigate files in Elvis.
  • Show previews by clicking a (+) icon or by double-click, since single-click is used to select items.
Download portal
A download portal to distribute material. Can be used as is, or can be connected to a content delivery service like Akamai or Amazon CloudFront to provide fast downloads all across the globe.

  • Shows the files categorized by part of the folder structure used in Elvis.
  • Demonstrates how to change preview and download URLs to make use of a content delivery network that is setup to use your Elvis DAM as it's origin server.
Upload portal - DAM tube
Allows people to upload videos and photos. The welcome page shows the latest uploaded and highest rated material.

  • Shows how to render a tag cloud from Elvis facet data.
  • Demonstrates how to upload content directly from your web page into Elvis.
  • Supports HTML5 multi-file upload and drag-n-drop.
  • Uses auto-login so all visitors are authenticated using a guest account.
Syndication site - DAM photo
Image and video oriented distribution or 'stock photo' site. Allows searching, filtering, previewing and buying material.

  • Demonstrates how to filter a search with various facets.
  • Uses an off-the-shelf jQuery based lightbox to display previews, supporting both images and videos.
  • Shows how to use result paging.
  • Extends the HitRenderer to display custom buttons below the thumbnails.
  • Uses auto-login so all visitors are authenticated using a guest account.
Live feed
For use on wall-mounted plasma's in publishing environments to show new material that is being received or to display what is being worked on at the moment.

  • Auto-refresh at a configurable interval.
  • Grey out thumbnails by date, giving a visual indication of the age of items in the feed.

These samples are open-source and can be downloaded from github. Information on how to use and customize them yourself is provided there in the readme.

Elvis is a digital asset management system. It's main features:

For more information, go to: www.elvisdam.com

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